Sunbeam Story Audio CD

Sunbeam Story Audio CD


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Sunbeam Audio Cd


A rare recording of voices from the past


Listen to the men who worked on the Sunbeam grand prix winning and world record breaking cars between 1929 and 1935.Hear what Melissa Marston has to say about her grandfather John Marston the founder of Sunbeam and listen how the company became known as Sunbeam. Learn about the pleasures and pitfalls of owning a 1926 3 litre Sunbeam Tourer. Find out what happened when the factory in Wolverhampton closed in 1935 and how the Sunbeam name lived on for another 40 years and what a group of Wolverhampton school children have to say in 1985.

This fascinating piece of social history dating back to the 1920’s is a fitting memorial to the entrepreneurial spirit of the Marston family and the dedication, toil and loyalty of Sunbeam workers who helped Britain lead the world.

Contributors (1985)

Melissa Marston granddaughter of John Marston, founder of Sunbeam  · Jeremy Grammer, Secretary, Sunbeam Talbot Darracq Register · Jim Boulton, Motoring historian ·Albert James 91 year old Sunbeam worker · Norman Cliff 80 year old Sunbeam worker · Frank Selwyn and Richard Selwyn Sunbeam car owners and mechanic Tim Rees -Roberts · Gerry Ealson, Public Affairs Manager, Talbot Cars · Ian Blackhouse, Public Relations Officer, Wolverhampton Borough Council · David Whyley and pupils from East Park Junior School, Wolverhampton.


Running time: 45 minutes


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